House Rules

Reservations Only

All seats are secured by reservation only. Walk-ins must secure a reservation using the Reserve a Seat app prior to arrival. Students without a reservation will not be allowed to enter the space. This is for the health and safety of everyone utilizing the space.

Grace Periods and Cancelations

Study spaces are limited. Please make sure to show up for your reserved time. If you can’t make it on time, please be courteous and cancel your reservation so another student can use the seat. If you are more than 30 minutes late your reservation may be forfeited to allow other students to reserve a seat.

Seat Assignments

When you arrive at a study space, you will be assigned a specific seat number after you check in by scanning the QR code displayed at the entrance with your mobile device's camera. This is your designated seat for the length of your reservation. Each seat is assigned based on the number and length of reservations for the day, along with social distance requirements. If you wish to move or change your seat, please speak with the on-site staff member.

Leaving Your Stuff

While you are working in the study space, you may leave your possessions at your seat as long as you are on site. The on-site staff is not responsible for watching your belongings (please don’t ask them to). While it is a controlled space, do not leave your items unattended. Once you check out anything left behind will be reported to the NYU Department of Public Safety. Please reach out to them if you need to retrieve an item you've left behind. Please do not store items in the spaces while you are not present.

Keep Your Distance

For your safety, sit only in your designated seat. To maintain social distancing, some seats and areas will be blocked off. When you move around, stay at least six feet away from everyone else. These days, staying apart isn’t unfriendly - it’s a must.

Keep It Covered

Masks are now a part of life, so cover up. Yes, that means cover your mouth and nose. You’ll need to wear a face covering at all times—when you come in, while you’re seated, as you leave, and while you’re up and about.

No Eating

Consumption of any food is prohibited on site except in designated Quick Stop Spaces. In all other locations you may bring a beverage to drink at your seat, but masks must be worn at all times.

Use Your Inside Voice

Please use headphones when listening to/attending online classes or for phone and video calls. Please, no extended phone calls or speakerphone.

Proper Dress Code Required

Shoes and shirts are required at all times.

Clean Up After Yourself

Please leave the study space cleaner than you found it. Make sure to sanitize your workstation and take everything with you upon the completion of your reservation.

Checking Out

To check out, scan the check-out QR code located on your way out of the study space with your mobile device's camera. Failure to check out may result in unnecessary contract tracing.

If You See Something, Say Something

If you observe someone failing to follow these House Rules or any COVID safety precautions, there is a possibility they are unaware. Please inform the on-site staff member and they will immediately address any policy violations or you can report it to an on-site staff member, Email, or Text/Call 914-600-3390.